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In our purple blog, Lila employees and guest authors blog on topics that concern and move us. The posts discuss current trends within the logistics industry, the supply chain management and general management topics as well. Our goal with this is to create an exchange of ideas and opinions: Use this opportunity and become a part of our purple ideal world. Get inspired and inspire us. Then, as in our business model of Lila Consult and Lila Operating, new dimensions emerge incorporating your and our knowledge. Just Lila.

Risk management for resilient supply networks

From Oliver Streich on Jan 27, 2021 2:20:37 PM

Risk management is a discipline that has perhaps never been discussed as much as in the current COVID-19 crisis. As a consulting and contract logistics service provider, risk hedging is also an important part of consulting for MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK. In addition to classic consulting and implementation of operational logistics processes, systematic approaches to effective risk management are also offered.

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Staff costs in the materials management - chance or necessary evil?

From Dennis Althaus on Feb 8, 2019 11:23:40 AM

There are not many areas within a company, especially in manufacturing companies, that are so strongly influenced by the question of an adapted staff deployment for the materials management. Is it really always so good to only focus on the costs, or can't you maybe even achieve new potentials?
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